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Service Cloud Voice

Service. Next. Level.


DIA is Top Service Cloud Partner. Take your contact center to the next level with us and Service Cloud Voice. Together with our clients, we develop future-proof solutions for your service challenges to not only meet your customers' expectations, but to provide unique customer service.


Improved employee productivity.


With Service Cloud Voice, you provide your customers with a consistent and efficient service experience on every call. With this solution, agents have immediate access to a 360-degree view of every customer. Thanks to the integrated, centralized platform and AI Einstein, your agents have a single source of information and can handle customer requests more efficiently, no matter where they are.


Simple call integration.


Amazon Connect is directly integrated with Service Cloud Voice and ready to use. This simplifies the purchase, setup, and deployment of the phone system for your contact center. Your CRM data is combined in Salesforce with the benefits of Amazon Connect - intelligent telephony, IVR, call routing, and storage. From there, they can see all the relevant context across channels in one central place.


AI assists in phone calls.


Service Cloud Voice brings excellent AI to your phone calls. Speech transcription with Amazon Connect and AI-powered recommendations from Einstein enable your agents to deliver relevant results and reduce average handle times. For faster problem resolution, Einstein analyzes conversations with customers and recommends appropriate knowledge articles and next steps.


Personalized customer service.


Optimize your call center with proactive and personalized customer service. With Service Cloud Voice, accurate purchase history, and a 360-degree view of previous customer interactions, service teams can exceed your customers' expectations. Service teams can address customer concerns from the first point of contact and provide them with a unique service experience.


Transform training and management.


Managers in contact centers can gain real-time insights into agent resolution with Service Cloud Voice. With the help of the call center software, you can continuously evaluate customer calls to capture issues and situations that require agent training. This enables the service team to sustainably optimize the process of finding solutions.


Our Service Cloud customers

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