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Climbing the global digital ladder with Sales Cloud and Jitterbit

Implementation of a simplified, universal sales process via the Salesforce Sales Cloud and structured opportunity management across all business units.

The American Werner Co. is a privately held company that manufactures and distributes aluminum and fiberglass access ladders, light construction equipment, fall protection equipment and related products. The German unit of the company - Zarges - stands for continuous innovation in the fields of access technology, packaging and transport, and special constructions. Zarges is the first light metal construction company in Europe to operate internationally from its headquarters in Bavaria, with around 800 employees and three production sites in Europe. The French part of the company - CDH Groupe - is known as a major manufacturer of ladder products and offers its customers a wide range from simple stepladders to special ladders for fire and rescue services.



In this construct of different companies, sales territories, products and languages, Werner Co. faced the challenge of harmonizing existing processes and IT landscapes. An all-round view (Customer 360°) of all the group's customers was hardly possible due to the incompatible systemic processes.


The implementation of a simplified, universally applicable sales process via the Salesforce Sales Cloud and structured opportunity management across the various units should lead to an improved sales and customer experience. Creating performance-oriented, transparent automation and digitization of sales activities.

  • Sales activity automation and KPI dashboards for all levels of the enterprise structure
  • Complex opportunity management
  • Lead and case management
  • Data migration from legacy system
  • SAP and X3 integration for sales
  • Global rollout


  • Data silos, for example in Excel, Outlook and analog media
  • Diverse process landscape


  • One truth - mapping of digital workflows and data storage in one place
  • Unified processes across business units and companies


Implementation of an optimized Salesforce Sales Cloud for the manufacturing industry with specific customizations for four different sales processes from lead to opportunity for both CDH and Zarges. Designation of sales territories according to CDH and Zarges requirements and automated territory allocation to ensure proper allocation logic. Designation of customer sales for reporting purposes. Extensive Jitterbit consulting and implementation services were also provided to set up connectivity and integration with two ERP systems.


  • Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • SAP integration for sales via Jitterbit
  • X3 Integration for sales via Jitterbit
  • Global rollout


  • 70 percent reduction in duplicates
  • Response speed increased by 50 percent
  • Increase in customer satisfaction
  • Reduction of service load through servicebot
  • Increase of the service level