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The ultimate goal of digital transformation is satisfied customers

A globally harmonized sales process and valid data in user-friendly system on all mobile devices takes CRM to a new level.

The Hettich Group is one of the world's leading manufacturers of furniture fittings and intelligent technology for furniture. The headquarters of the family-owned company is located in Kirchlengern in eastern Westphalia. The company employs around 6,600 people and is represented by its own subsidiaries in 24 countries.


The implementation of our Salesforce platform started in January 2020 and then suddenly the pandemic changed all the rules. But thanks to the very good and trustful cooperation in the project team, we were able to successfully master this complex project. Together with DIA, we managed to take our customer relationship management to a new level. Salesforce helps us to further increase customer satisfaction, because completely satisfied customers are the ultimate goal at Hettich. 

Inga Steinfort, CRM Project Manager, Hettich Marketing- und Vertriebs GmbH & Co. KG


The Hettich Group used decentralized CRM and sales solutions based on HCL Notes technology. These were to be replaced globally by a central and modern platform.


Hettich had special requirements for the mapping of sales and quotation processes. The isolated island solutions for the opportunity and quotation process were to be transferred into a transparent and, above all, consistent process. Comprehensive data from market and potential analyses is used for efficient sales management and was also to become an integrated part of the solution. For all sales-relevant areas at Hettich, all customer-related information should be available and easily accessible in a single place (single source of truth).

  • CRM and Sales Management
  • Opportunity Management and Quoting
  • Lead Management / Marketing Automation
  • Sales Forecast, Market and Potential Analysis
  • Global HCL Notes Migration
  • SAP/ERP Integration
  • International rollout (800 users in 24 countries and more than 10 languages)


  • decentralized, not very intuitive and not performant CRM and sales solution
  • Many system discontinuities between the processes
  • No system-side networking between marketing & sales
  • High manual effort and complexity in administration
  • High degree of manual work for market and potential analyses
  • Insufficient data quality
  • Reporting via separate BI tool


  • significant simplification and harmonization of the sales process
  • consistent opportunity and quotation process
  • integration of robust market and potential analysis data into the sales process
  • Reduction of break points between processes
  • strong customer focus, target group oriented communication through marketing automation
  • fast, intuitive CRM and sales solution based on the Sales Cloud
  • synchronous and asynchronous integration of SAP/ERP and Sales Cloud


With the introduction of the Salesforce Sales Cloud, the previously globally harmonized sales process of the Hettich Group was implemented. In sales as well as in management, valid data about threatened existing business and, above all, new sales opportunities must be retrievable. In addition to the requirements of market and potential analysis, particular focus was placed on the user-friendliness of the system and the availability of data on all mobile devices at all times. 


In the course of the data migration, 1.5 million data records and 300 GB of files were moved without any significant offline phases for the users.

To optimize marketing, processes for marketing automation and Salesforce Lead Management were introduced and closely networked with the sales processes. Thanks to the Salesforce platform, Hettich was able to set up a digital trade fair format during the pandemic and make it available internationally in a very short time.

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Salesforce Community / Experience Cloud
  • SAP/ERP Integration
  • Global Rollout