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DIA is your specialist for digitization

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Your project is just the beginning. Take advantage of all the opportunities digital transformation offers your industry to build a sustainable smart business with us.



We accompany you on all stages of your successful Salesforce journey

Creating. Solutions. Together.

From scoping workshops and aligning your technical strategy to implementation and enhancing your internal skills with our experts.

Consulting Services

Consulting Services

A successful Salesforce implementation is about more than technical expertise and great software. It's about people and processes.

Technology Implementation Service

Technology Services

As part of the implementation, our first-class Salesforce team iteratively develops the best possible solution for your individual and industry-related requirements and implements it for you on the Salesforce platform. With the right technology and DIA as a partner, the success of your digital transformation is guaranteed.

Managed Services

Managed Services

Your Salesforce organization needs to grow and evolve with your business. Our Salesforce support provides access to a team of highly qualified Salesforce experts.

Customer centricity

We think and act in a customer-centric way. Customer centricity puts our customers and their customers at the center of everything we do. We not only pursue this approach in our collaboration with you, but also actively support you in pursuing it for your customers.

Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.

Steve Jobs

Agile methods

Agile working makes it possible to start projects quickly. We approach the defined goals step by step and check whether we are on the right track in regular meetings. We provide a high degree of flexibility, participation and control. This approach gives you direct influence on the project and the results are visible quickly and transparently.

Agile companies are not about avoiding errors, but about discovering them quickly in order to develop solutions for them.

Dr. Willms Buhse

Achieve your goals with DIA, like more than 400 customers before you.

Customer. Success. Stories

We create solutions for your specific requirements with a network of well-known and competent partners.

Creating. Solutions. Together