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Vision and clarity for your digital projects

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Consulting Services

Whether you are just starting out, need advice on setting your digital strategy, or want to expand your existing Salesforce system, DIA offers top-notch consulting services for every phase of your digitization journey. Together with you, our industry experts analyze your digital challenges and create custom-fit solutions for you.

Successful digital transformation is about more than technical expertise and incredible software. It’s about putting people at the forefront. It´s about the right combination of employee engagement, optimized processes and change management. We use our combined knowledge to develop best-in-class solutions and products that make our customers digital leaders in their industrie.

The term "digital transformation" is basically wrong. Because it implies that the digitization process will be completed at a defined point. We know today that this is not the case, neither globally nor at the corporate level.

Hendrik Adam, CEO

Business und Process Consulting

Processes on the test bench

Our Business and Process Consulting helps clients ask the right questions, find a path to measurable results, and effectively transform the way they work and perform.


Together, we look at your positioning in the market, validate the actual state of the company, and check the existing business processes for meaningfulness in the digital context.

Only on the basis of a meaningful analog process a smart digital process can emerge. As external consultants, we bring the necessary independent perspective to the table.


Strategy Consulting

The how-to for your growth

Digitization strategy deals with the how. Which strategy positions you optimally in the market? What is the growth strategy for your company and platform?


Which solutions and building blocks of the Salesforce ecosystem best implement your requirement?

As one of the leading Salesforce consulting partners with expertise in strategic planning, implementation and managed services, we work with you to develop a strategy that optimally implements the digitization of all business areas and processes.


Best Practises Consulting

Benefit from our experience

For 20 years, we have been advising clients in virtually every industry on digital transformation with our people-first approach to their teams, their needs and their goals.

We know the practice in many industries and have successfully completed even the most complex projects.

Whether you need help in automating business processes or connecting, integrating and optimizing systems, DIA offers two decades of practical experience and extensive industry know-how to get you where you want to go.


Change Management

Welcome on board

Convincing and training your team is of elementary importance for the success of your digitization. We guide you through the solution design and control the change management of your project.


We get your team on board! This is how we ensure the success and longevity of our partnership and your solutions. We accompany you on all stages of your Salesforce journey - from the scoping workshop to the exact alignment of your technical strategy, from implementation to the enhancement of your internal skills by our experts. Our experienced strategists and architects work with you to develop goals, milestones and, of course, the strategy for your digitization roadmap.


Business Design Consulting

Vision for your business

DIA pursues the creation of holistic value in projects consisting of entrepreneurial and design competencies to develop new products, services and business models.


By incorporating business goals, processes and technologies as well as a strong user-centered approach, we create value for your customers and your company alike as early as the consulting stage.


Architecture Consulting

Seamless system integration

How do systems work together, how is data exchanged? Our enterprise architecture experts deal with the harmonization and consolidation of your IT landscape.


Enterprise Architecture Consulting bridges the gap between business and IT, introducing enterprise-wide practical standards that provide for the optimal use of available resources. We work with professional scalable EA tools that support complex modeling, promote cross-departmental collaboration, provide valuable integrations, are user-friendly and improve both the integrity and quality of your data.


Governance Consulting

Successful management of your IT projects

At DIA, governance consulting refers to an integrated consulting approach. We establish processes with you to ensure your IT governance and align it with your corporate strategy.


With the capabilities of the Salesforce platform, we use a lean governance structure for development, implementation and management - also called lean governance. This means that DIA helps its customers to realize successful IT projects quickly and at the same time in a controlled manner.


Marketing/Campaign Consulting

Leads and customers become followers

With our expertise in the field of marketing and campaign consulting, we work with you to develop a strategy that will enable you to pick up your potential, as well as your existing, customers with pinpoint accuracy.


With DIA, you successfully convert prospects and customers into long-term supporters and fans. Our consulting services not only include the development of concrete goals and a marketing strategy. Together with you, we take the path to step-by-step digitization and optimization of your customer journeys. This includes, among other things, the automation of your email marketing and campaigns, but also the preparation of appropriate retargeting measures.


IT Strategy Consulting

We understand IT

Nowadays, IT takes on a decidedly cross-sectional function. DIA supports you in aligning IT, digitalization and business strategy with external and internal IT strategy experts.


We accompany you with methods for the comprehensive analysis of your IT infrastructure. This takes into account the IT infrastructure, the application landscape and architecture, as well as IT management and business processes. With this consulting approach, we combine flexibility, interoperability and future-proofing.


Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy

Future trends

Digitization is challenging companies' traditional production paths, work processes and business operations while creating new, barely foreseeable opportunities and offerings for producers and consumers.