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Expanding your technical and staffing expertise

Change. Never. Ends

Managed Services

Your project is just the beginning. We accompany you in a process of continuous digital improvement. With Managed Services we provide access to a team of highly qualified Salesforce experts to help you get the most out of the Salesforce platform at all times to strengthen your business model in the long term.

How can we support you with our managed services?

System support and extension for Salesforce

We already have Salesforce, but we need help with best practices and dealing with new releases. We also need insights into relevant activities in our industry and help to turn new ideas into reality.

Trusted partner for your Salesforce team

We are a small team of Salesforce administrators and need a partner who can support us. We need developers, experts for integration and marketing automation and much more!

Extra power for your Salesforce team

We have a lot to do and our team is very busy. We need help setting up a new department to tackle iterative projects and achieve advantages quickly. We want to constantly expand our Salesforce expertise.

Managed Service Components

Your Salesforce organization needs to grow and evolve with your business. Our managed services are designed for the long term and sustainability. They enable fast go-lives for further digitization projects, continuous optimization and adaptation, and expansion of solutions.




Faster wih standardized solutions

Managed service customers have access to an ever-expanding portfolio of accelerators as directly usable blueprints and functions as well as process templates and procedures.



This enables new functions to be deployed at short notice. No prior project planning is required - business value for your organization is created immediately. The optimization and adaptation of the Accelerators to extended needs take place as part of the advisory service.



Advisory Service

Our expertise for best results

The business value of your investments in transformation, digitization and technology increases with continuous and sustainable optimization and adaptation.

Our advisory service provides a team of consultants to develop long-term roadmap, absorb and implement new requirements and processes, introduce technological innovations and support, qualify and train your employees to achieve the best results on a permanent basis.



Maintenance and Monitoring

The all-round carefree package

Our maintenance provides support for users and administrators as well as technical support for interfaces and platforms.



We provide monitoring services that deliver important insights for further development and optimization to ensure smooth operation and improve the use and adaptation of the platform.



Experience and Knowledge

Exclusive access to future topics

We offer you exclusive access to experienced architects and consultants as well as our executive team. Strategies and innovations can be discussed, evaluated and implemented together.



Our executive team shares its own research results and a forecast / strategic view on the next developments in transformation, digitization and technology. This gives you exclusive access to relevant information and the opportunity to prepare for your own strategic decisions.



Center of Excellence

In-house qualifications

To help establish a Center of Excellence, we offer holistic support in recruiting and qualifying your team and temporary staffing solutions with experienced employees for important positions.



We offer regular training for different roles to equip staff with hands-on training and to share technological developments and new methodologies. This allows your team to benefit from the knowledge of consultants and developers with extensive and wide-ranging project experience.



Salesforce Outsourcing

Service for Salesforce partner

Our Salesforce expertise provides comprehensive support for Salesforce customers, SI and ISV Salesforce partners in resource planning, project execution and support for their end customers. 



We accelerate your Salesforce product releases with our development and implementation experts, and scaling support as needed. Expand your internal capacities, ad-hoc and with qualified expertise.



Fraunhofer IUK-Technologie

Future trend

Innovation does not come from technology alone, but by taking all those involved with us.

Prof. Dr. Dieter W. Fellner, Chairman of the Fraunhofer ICT Alliance IUK-Technology