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CzechDreamin 2023

Salesforce -

Directly after the YeurArchitectDreamin' it was on to the CzechDreamin', which also took place in Prague.

This year, CzechDreamin has grown enormously and can now be described as one of the three largest Salesforce Community Events in Europe and the only one with cross-regional reach in Central and Eastern Europe.
In addition to established experts, the event also attracts younger consultants who want to advance their careers through networking and knowledge exchange. Despite its size, CzechDreamin is a very relaxed event: a tea bar, a chocolate manufactory and a mass of beanbags and armchairs along large panoramic windows provided a cosy atmosphere with plenty of space for networking and informal exchange.

From our #TeamDIA, CTO Daniel Stange and Principal Technology Evangelist Szandor Knapp were also there due to the temporal closeness to the YeurArchitectDreamin. Our Lead Salesforce Consultant Georgy Avilov was additionally invited.
Szandor's "Black Hat Session: Exploring and Exploiting Aura based Experiences" revolved around the topic of community manipulation and how to prevent it. Szandor presented a Python-based tool and explained the technical framework that makes this manipulation possible on a large scale. A take-away: better to use communities in the Lightning Web Runtime.
Georgy's session on "Sales Methodology for Salesforce Opportunity" was about sales methodologies and how to map them correctly in Salesforce. From setting up sales processes and revenue forecasting to tips on how to avoid common mistakes in the system, all the important points about connecting sales and Salesforce for a functioning system were covered by Georgy.

One of the highlights for our colleagues was definitely the closing keynote by Filip Dousek. He explained the impact of GPT on knowledge and skills in a very entertaining and clear way and spoke of "Homo APIens" in this context. It was also interesting to observe the great interest of the audience in the session on the DevOps Centre, as well as the organisers' focus on user experience and human-centred design, which points to the increasing relevance of these topics in a technical context.