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People over process

Ideas. Thoughts. Experiences.

DIA provides a diverse and inclusive environment by harnessing existing communities and enabling employees to create new communities.

These employee-led and organized groups and events foster a culture of diversity, cross-team inclusion and creativity.

Go ahead! Your ideas, thoughts, experiences and knowledge are valuable and wanted.

Be part of something

Lunch break sessions

What do my colleagues actually do? What projects are they working on right now? Has anyone tried out an exciting new technology? The monthly DIA lunch break sessions can be used to present our work - the team, a customer, a project, techniques and frameworks - and to exchange ideas. DIA buys pizza for everyone at the lunch break session at the headquarters in Wetzlar.

Enablement sessions

In addition to the lunch break sessions, many employees also offer enablement sessions to allow their colleagues to participate and learn about brand new topics, technologies or methods. This is where we really delve deeply into a topic.


Once a year, we take time out as a team to come together in person with all employees as ONE TEAM, to experience team building, to reflect on the past year and to look ahead at the coming year. For many employees, the DIA Day represents a highlight in cross-team exchange and collaboration on the positioning of DIA.




Our collaborative corporate culture also offers each employee a say in their job. The team leader takes time to discuss suggestions, questions and development opportunities in a regular 1:1 meeting, whose regularity is determined by each employee themselves.

Salesforce events

Salesforce events are very popular with all employees as a source of inspiration and motivation. DIA encourages this and covers the costs of participation on many different Salesforce events.

"Sales Enablement" learning platform

Each DIA employee, whether old or new, has unlimited access to new knowledge. Salesforce's "Sales Enablement" tool is a customizable platform for a new, fun way of learning, which we have adapted and continue to adapt to both our brand and the individual needs of each learner. There are onboarding trails on all relevant topics for newcomers, and for old hands, DIA and Salesforce offer endless opportunities for online training.

Quality time and team events

DIA employees are special. We are all wonderfully different from each other and each of us is an individual. The appealing and successful combination of different types makes our work varied and inspiring. We enjoy spending time together outside of projects, dailies, sprints etc. Whether it's a successful project completion, Christmas party, summer party, birthdays or the XLETIX Challenge, there are always reasons for fun and cool drink together. Because family is important to us, partners, children, four-footed family members and invited guests are also welcome.

Feel good @ DIA

DIA takes care of its employees - including their health. The Feel Good Manager at our headquarters in Wetzlar provides fresh cut fruit at the free muesli bar in the morning.
Colleagues can also help themselves to a variety of salads twice a week during their lunch break. Other preventive services at DIA include eye tests, learning trails on posture and working at a desk on our enablement platform, and counseling for mental health problems.

Be a leader

DIA employees are always invited to participate in the management board as experts on current topics. The flexible management board promotes diversity, creativity and a team-oriented outcome. The DIA leadership does not work in silent isolation, but transparently and integratively.

Work from anywhere

DIA enables its employees to discover the world even outside of their annual vacation.
Working on the go means our colleagues are not bound to working on their projects at one of our offices or at home and can continue to participate in customer meetings and internal arrangements when they are abroad. Whether it's a trip to Thailand, a workation in Norway or a long weekend at the North Sea, thanks to an encrypted VPN tunnel, nothing stands in the way of our "work from anywhere" concept.

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Frankfurt Salesforce User Group

DIA employees help organize the Frankfurt Trailblazer Community Group, where Salesforce users meet to learn, share ideas, network and get best practice tips for making the most out of Salesforce. There are hundreds of Salesforce users around the world, including groups devoted to specific subjects such as general knowledge, development, product, nonprofit, women in tech and affinity.

Networking and events

We are closely and productively networked with our partners, customers and competitors. We exchange ideas at events in a wide variety of formats to achieve the greatest benefits for the cause. We enjoy presenting the latest technologies and exciting keynotes at our customer events to show where the journey is headed in the future and how companies are positioning themselves for it.

Team days

We organize our team days at regular intervals so that our teams can continue to develop. All the members of a team come together either remotely or onsite to discuss what is going well or not so well and how we can become even better transparently and honestly. Every voice is important to us.