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Blue Road Academy

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Our Technical Evangelist and Salesforce "MVP Hall of Fame" member Christian Szandor Knapp joined Blue Road Academy as a course instructor for the first course of its kind in Munich.

At Blue Road Academy (formerly RefugeeForce), Salesforce professionals help people with a migration background get started in the Salesforce ecosystem. The costs are covered by the Academy and its sponsors, participants pay nothing for the offer.
The Blue Road Academy is not about getting the first certifications, but about getting to know Salesforce and its basics in order to get a job in the ecosystem afterwards. The courses are designed for career changers, so prior knowledge is not necessary.

Parallel to Szandor's course in Munich, three other courses for Salesforce beginners are taking place in the Netherlands. Other courses will start in Berlin, Frankfurt and Hamburg this summer.
Here you can find more information, inspiring stories from participants of the Blue Road Academy and everything about the application process: