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DIA team days

#TeamDIA -

In May the entire #TeamDIA travelled to the HQ in Wetzlar once again for our Team Days.

As a highlight, our new sister company tmrrw Cloud Solutions had its first official appearance and we are already looking forward to many exciting Next Steps.
In addition, there were strategic updates from our CEO Hendrik Adam and our CTO Daniel Stange and a lot of other valuable content such as a crash course for accounting-relevant terms to better understand our company figures or updates on our delivery processes.
Besides the many content-related topics, however, our colleagues are always in the foreground. Just as we did at our kick-off, we held a #BeProud session and had a relaxed dinner where everyone had the opportunity to meet new colleagues.
Dear C-Level - thank you for sharing the company's figures and development with us in such a transparent and trusting way. And of course, thank you to #TeamDIA for taking the time to work on us together.