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Heart of Service Summit Munich

Salesforce -

In April, the Salesforce event series kicked off in Munich. Of course, #TeamDIA was also there!

At the Heart of Service Summit, our colleagues Benedikt, Peter, Hannes and Hendrik were able to exchange views on various service cases and provide insights into our projects in personal conversations. A special highlight: Our customers from Bosch were also there and spoke about our joint cooperation in a successful project. We also had the opportunity to meet our customers from Canyon Bicycles in person at the summit.
But that was not all. At the same time, our CTO and Salesforce MVP Daniel was at the Talent Ecosystem Community Event. DIA has been involved in the Talent Alliance for a long time and our employees Daniel and Szandor are also active in initiatives in this context. The event was about how to facilitate the entry of new talent into the Salesforce ecosystem and how to achieve even better results through closer collaboration.