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Work from Anywhere

#TeamDIA -

As part of the Work from Anywhere opportunities at DIA, our Partner Manager Benedikt and our Employer Branding Manager Luca also visited Salesforce in Singapore during their stay abroad.

At DIA we offer our colleagues the opportunity to work from abroad for a certain period of time. This makes it possible to combine work and vacation in the best possible way. Not only does this allow some #TeamDIA employees to visit their families back home, but it also gives them the opportunity to spend longer periods abroad and thus travel to more distant destinations.

A survey commissioned by PwC also found that offering #Workation leads to a better work-life balance for 81% of respondents. Additionally, being able to work from abroad or on the road not only increases job satisfaction, but also their own productivity, according to 76% of respondents.

We are happy when our colleagues are too!