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Albanian Dreamin' 2023

Salesforce -

Our CTO and Salesforce MVP Daniel had the opportunity to speak at Albaninan Dreamin' on the topic of "DevOps Center and GitHub Actions".

In his talk, he showed how the new tool opens up possibilities for admins and app builders that were previously only available to developers - for example, automatically checking whether the most important conventions have been adhered to in the project. Unfortunately, the hoped-for joint appearance with our Salesforce Technical Evangelist and "MVP Hall of Fame" member Szandor Knapp was cancelled for health reasons and Daniel presented the topic alone.

The event in Albania, unlike comparable events, is aimed at a much younger audience. The focus here is more on career development, networking and entrepreneurial thinking. The organising team around local MVP Marilo Meta is very committed to helping young people enter the tech industry. In particular, they want to create qualification and entry-level opportunities in the non-profit sector. "You can clearly see that there is a very strong spirit of 'self-empowerment' in the region, from which a very modern, tech-savvy young generation is growing up, which finds a breeding ground in the Salesforce ecosystem," Daniel sums up the mood at the event.

On site, Daniel got to talk to some interesting people.
Among them, for example, Pei Mun Lim, who published her first book this year and has dealt extensively with BA skills for Salesforce.
The presentations by Endrit Sinos on "Tackling Technical Debt" and Lilas Lounes and Frederique Mermoz-Mounier on practical tips for dealing with an "old" Salesforce organisation were particularly interesting. Both are topics that often get far too little attention, but concern many people who look after Salesforce orgs at long-standing customers all the more.
But also the exchange with Frederique Mermoz-Mounier was an impressive moment. Frederique has been volunteering for years to qualify women for Salesforce jobs after many years of breaks and unemployment, and to get them back into the workforce.
Another highlight was the personal conversation with Volodymyr Radko, a young family father from Ukraine, and the stories he shared.