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YeurArchitectDreamin' 2023

Salesforce -

Three of our DIA colleagues went to the YeurArchitect Dreamin' in Prague last week. Our CTO and Salesforce MVP Daniel Stange was even a co-organiser this time and therefore responsible for the content of the conference.

The focus of YeurArchitectDreamin' is generally not on "new" solutions or ideas, but on the opportunity to work on problems together with other Salesforce architects, which is often not the case in everyday professional life. That's why the event is a workshop conference without lectures and offers only interactive formats in which the quality of collaboration is the top priority.

Joining from #TeamDIA was Szandor Knapp, Salesforce MVP "Hall of Fame" member and Principal Technology Evangelist, who led a workshop on Salesforce DevOps architecture and design ("Salesforce DevOps in Well-Architected. A Cheat Sheet Session"). The results of the session will soon be published as GitHub pages and some participants have agreed to continue working on the topic. Also on site was our Senior Solution Architect Stefan Sandmann, who participated and assisted in several workshops on the Salesforce Well Architected Framework.

Another highlight of Architect Dreamin is the Mock Certified Technical Architect (CTA) Board. This involves someone volunteering for a 3-hour exam, preparing for case studies and then having to present the solution (45 min) and defend it to the judges (40 min). This was also the case for JoAnn Culbertson, for example, who worked on a full scenario for the first time in Prague in her preparation for the CTA exam and faced not only five critical assessors but also the audience of conference participants with her solution.
Also special for our DIA colleagues was the Architect Ninja Skill Lab by Salesforce CTA trainer Sebastian Wagner. On the first day, the Well Architected workshops by Melissa Shepard, Louise Lockie and Lilith van Biesen were also interesting, which dealt with selected principles of Salesforce architecture.
Also of note were Matt Meyers and Heiko Krämer, who stepped in at short notice as substitutes and contributed a great session on decision making in single and multi-org scenarios.
One of the most interesting "asides" were the graphics by Tom Oswald, who calls his craft "Visual Facilitating" and graphically "co-wrote" the ongoing workshops.